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Monthly Archives: September 2017

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Pilot’s presence of mind helped avert tragedy of Doha-bound plane

If the pilot had not applied technical expertise and presence of mind, it was possible that Air India Express IX 821 that was carrying over 173 passengers to Doha would have crashed.

The Air India flight on Thursday 21st Sept 2017 with 173 passengers on board, had to resort to emergency landing soon after take off because of the failure of one of its engines. The pilot Ashit Singhe underwent trauma momentarily on account of unexpected emergency and frantic cries let out by passengers who were fearing for their lives.
From the moment the pilot sent message to Air Traffic Control here within 30 minutes of takeoff that the aircraft was returning to the airport for emergency landing, emergency was sounded all over the airport. This was the most serious emergency landing at the airport and messages were dispatched to district administration, police officers, and others asking them to be in readiness to handle unforeseen emergency. All the four fire tender units in the airport were kept in readiness.
The pilot showed exemplary composure and courage, apart from exercising control over his senses, and without showing any anxiety, safely landed the aircraft here, bracing the risk of oil spill from the failed engine, risk of the aircraft moving away from the runway on account of wind pressure, and chance of the second engine stopping functioning immediately after touch down.

It was dangerous to land such a large plane with 173 passengers, luggage and staff when an engine gave up. The landing depends on the experience and technical knowledge of the pilot in such situation. Aviation Safety India hails  pilot’s  exemplary duty consciousness, calmness and ensuring the safety of his passengers.

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Aviation regulator gets strict, flights not ready to take off on time may get delayed indefinitely

Category : News

Airlines not preparing their aircraft to take off on time now risk getting such flights delayed indefinitely. Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has told airports that if a flight crew does not initiate push back to begin taxiing to the runway within five minutes of air traffic control allowing them to do so, such a flight should be allowed to take off only when some slot is free.
The idea is to push airlines to be more punctual by doing whatever is in their control. Issues like air traffic congestion, which cause most delays in choked airports like Delhi and Mumbai, are beyond the control of airlines and a result of crippling airport infra shortage.
“Aircraft shall contact … for push back and start up at least 15 minutes prior to schedule time of departure. Approval for push back and start up shall be valid for five minutes only. Aircraft not adhering to pushback clearance will go back in the sequence. Subsequent clearance will be given based on available slot,” an order issued by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) chief BS Bhullar on Wednesday said.
Air Traffic Control (ATC) has been asked to decide sequence of departures on the basis of the “position and readiness” of aircraft approaching the entry point of the runway. “Aircraft shall complete all pre-departure checks and cabin procedures prior to entering the runway and start rolling as soon take-off clearance is issued by ATC,” Bhullar’s order says.
Airline officials say while this order should serve as a wake up call for carriers with poor on time performance (OTP) practices, the punctual ones are suffering despite doing everything that the new DGCA order mandates.

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Govt eases norms for airlines connecting UDAN destinations

Category : News , Regional Chapters

The civil aviation ministry has agreed to allow some airlines to fly bigger aircraft for Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik (UDAN) flights adding that it may be more flexible in integrating these into routes and overall operations.

For hilly regions, UDAN will allow helicopters and four-seater aircraft to participate as well.

These changes will cater to better commercial flexibility, a government official said on the condition of anonymity.

This development has led to new bidding rounds that will start soon.

One of the rules that has been eased is — the airlines can now make UDAN destination part of a connecting flight.“This was not allowed earlier,” the official was quoted as saying.

As a part of the connectivity scheme, the airline will have to declare 70% of seats on any flight as UDAN seats irrespective of the type of aircraft. But, these airplanes will only be paid subsidy for 40 seats.

Airlines usually use small 70-seater planes for regional flights but some smaller airports are equipped to handle bigger aircraft such as Airbus A320 and Boeing 737.

Aircraft pioneers, Indigo and Jet Airways, both hadn’t participated in the first round of UDAN and are expected to participate in the next round. These two had specifically raised this query with the ministry.

The earlier stipulation that two airports should be 150 km away from each other to be a part of UDAN, has now been scrapped.

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IAF chopper makes emergency landing

Category : Incidents Military

An Indian Air Force chopper, shifting a Special Task Force (STF) jawan wounded in a gun-battle with naxals, made an emergency landing today in Abhanpur area in Chhattisgarh’s Raipur district due to a technical snag.

There is no information on any kind of damage or loss when the helicopter landed on an open ground in Bharenga village on Wednesday, 27th Sept 2017.

“The chopper was on its way to Raipur from Narayanpur district to shift the injured jawan Antosh Markam to hospital in Raipur,” Special Director General of Police (Anti-naxal operations) DM Awasthi told.

However, the pilot landed the chopper after he found some technical problem, another chopper was immediately sent to the spot, to airlift the jawan who was later admitted in the Ramkrishna Care Hospital Raipur.

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Rolls-Royce manager presented with Whittle Safety Award

Category : News

The International Federation of Airworthiness (IFA) has honored Mike Gamlin, manager of air safety investigation at Rolls-Royce PLC, with the Sir Frank Whittle Safety Award.

The award was presented Sept. 20 at the U.K. Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) headquarters in Farnborough and recognizes outstanding contributions that advance the safety of aviation.

At the presentation, Gamlin said: “I’m humbled to receive this prestigious award from the federation.”

“I’m so pleased to present this award to Mike Gamlin at the U.K. AAIB for his long-standing contribution to aviation safety,” said IFA chief executive John Vincent.

“This award is granted in recognition of Mike’s dedication to ensuring the effective investigation of aircraft accidents across the globe. Mike is trusted and well respected throughout the international aviation community.”

The IFA board unanimously agreed that with a career of over 42 years at Rolls-Royce, the majority of which has been in an accident investigation role, Gamlin has provided a level of technical leadership and is recognized and appreciated around the world. He is responsible for leading, directing and coordinating the support of state-led safety related investigations of events, incidents and accidents involving Rolls-Royce civil and military products and systems.

IFA member Cranfield University, in their nomination, highlighted Gamlin’s integrity, focused on transparent, evidence-based and unbiased investigation techniques delivering continuous improvement to Rolls-Royce products.

Gamlin and his team have built an extensive network of relationships with key international safety investigation agencies, aircraft and engine manufacturers. They are said to be trusted and respected by their peers at all levels across the global accident investigation community.

This contributes to the effectiveness of the accident investigation process and thus the safety of the traveling public.

The award citation reads:

“In recognition of his contribution to aviation safety over more than four decades. In particular, the extensive work ensuring the effectiveness of accident investigation across the globe. He is trusted and well respected across the global aviation community.”

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Kabul airport attack: Narrow escape for Delhi-bound SpiceJet passengers

Category : Incidents Civil

Over 180 people on a Delhi-bound flight were among those who had a narrow escape at Kabul airport on 27th Sept 2017, Wednesday morning when the airport came under the rocket attack. A SpiceJet Boeing 737 was being prepared for a flight to Delhi when the attack happened and all those on board the aircraft had to be rushed to a safer place.
“The boarding for SpiceJet flight SG 22 (Kabul-Delhi) was almost complete when the incident took place. Passengers and crew were safely deboarded and taken to the terminal building. There was no damage to the aircraft,” a SpiceJet spokesperson said.
The aircraft, that was supposed to fly to Delhi with almost a full load of 174 passengers, was delayed, as the Kabul airport has been closed after the attack.
The latest attack at Kabul Airport happened soon after US defence secretary Jim Mattis landed there. “A rocket landed near the airport this morning. No casualties reported,” Afghanistan’s interior ministry spokesperson Najib Danish said.

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IAF trainer aircraft crashes in Telangana, pilots safe

Category : Incidents Military , News

An Indian Air Force (IAF) Kiran trainer aircraft crashed in Telangana on Thursday morning, but the pilot and another person on board ejected out safely.
The aircraft was being flown by a trainee pilot
The aircraft got airborne from Hakimpet Air Force base on Thursday morning for a routine training sortie, and crashed around 11.45 am.
IAF sources added that a Court of Inquiry has been ordered to look into the cause of the accident.
According to police, the aircraft caught fire and was gutted after the crash near Ankireddypalli village in Keesara ‘mandal’ (block) of Medchal district.

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SpiceJet Pilots Grounded After Plane Skids Off Mumbai Runway

Category : News

Aviation regulatory body DGCA has grounded two SpiceJet pilots after a plane carrying 183 passengers overshot a wet runway while landing at the Mumbai airport earlier this week.

With the Boeing 737 aircraft, flying from Varanasi to Mumbai, stuck in the mud, the main runway had to be closed for over 24 hours leading to nearly 180 flights being cancelled.

“The pilots have been grounded pending an inquiry. One of the issues is that if the aircraft is not stabilized, then you should do a go-around. The DGCA has also issued a circular informing pilots that there will be no inquiry against them if they do a go-around. All those issues will have to be established,” an official at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said.

The Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau will probe the incident.


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Incident: KLM B772 at Osaka on Sep 23rd 2017, dropped panel on climb out

Category : News

A KLM Boeing 777-200, performing flight KL-868 from Osaka Kansai (Japan) to Amsterdam (Netherlands) with 321 people on board, was climbing through about out of Kansai Airport’s runway over the City of Osaka when a fairing panel, about one square meter in size, separated from the aircraft and fell onto Osaka’s Highway #1 (Keihan National Highway) next to Chome 3 hitting a car driving along the road. In the absence of any anomalies the aircraft continued the flight to Amsterdam where the aircraft landed safely about 11 hours later. There were no injuries, the two occupants of the car escaped without injuries despite a damaged aft window and dents in the roof of the car.

Japan’s Ministry of Transport reported the panel originated from the right hand wing’s root fairing, size about 1 meter by 0.6 meters (3 feet by 2 feet) and weighing about 4 kg/9 lbs, separated when the aircraft was climbing through approximately 2500 meters (8000 feet). The JTSB have opened an investigation into the occurrence rated a serious incident.

The airline reported a fairing panel, size about 1 square meter, was lost and landed in the city of Osaka. Damage to a car was reported, there were no injuries. The aircraft was able to safely continue the flight to Amsterdam. The airline is cooperating with Japan’s Civil Aviation Authority and Boeing to investigate the occurrence

The Panel

Pune-bound GoAir plane diverted to Mumbai after technical snag

Category : News

On 22nd Sept 2017, a Pune-bound GoAir Airbus A320 Neo plane with 180 passengers on board from New Delhi was diverted to the city airport. The GoAir flight which was scheduled to land in Pune from New Delhi was diverted to Mumbai after the pilot reported a technical snag in the A320 neo plane.
“G8 175 DEL-PNQ (Delhi-Pune) with 180 pax was diverted to Mumbai due to a suspected technical snag,” an airline spokesperson said in a statement.
The flight had a normal landing and all the passengers have been accommodated on an alternate GoAir flight to Pune.
As many as nine planes of both IndiGo and GoAir are grounded currently due to Pratt & Whitney engine issues.

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