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Vistara pilot who issued ‘Fuel Mayday’ call grounded by aviation regulator

New Delhi: Aviation regulator DGCA on Tuesday grounded a pilot who issued a ‘Mayday’ distress call due to low-fuel near Lucknow airport on Monday while operating a Mumbai-Delhi flight.

A senior Vistara official confirmed that the pilot has been “de-rostered” as per the instructions of the regulator.

“The pilot who was operating UK944 flight and issued a ‘Mayday’ call on Monday has been grounded by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA),” a source said.

The source added that the regulator is trying to ascertain the facts regarding this matter and it would soon hold a meeting with the pilots – who were flying the UK944 flight – and the executives of the company.

“The pilot made a ‘Fuel Mayday’ call, which is issued when aircraft starts tapping into its emergency fuel reserves,” another source said.

A Vistara spokesperson said, “Flight UK944 operating Mumbai-Delhi on July 15, 2019, initiated a diversion to Lucknow due to bad weather over Delhi. However, over Lucknow, the visibility suddenly dropped and a safe landing was not possible. The crew then considered alternative airfields, including Kanpur and Prayagraj to land in comparatively better weather condition”.

He said the Lucknow Air Traffic Control then informed the crew that the weather in Lucknow had improved significantly following which the crew decided to return to the city due to better passenger and aircraft support there.

“The unexpected drop in visibility at the destination alternate was the main reason why the aircraft ended up in a low-fuel situation despite carrying excess fuel over and above the required Flight Plan Fuel as per regulations. Safety of passengers and crew was kept at the highest priority throughout the flight,” the spokesperson added.

SpiceJet technician gets stuck in aircraft’s landing gear door at Kolkata airport, dies

MUMBAI: A SpiceJet technician was killed at Kolkata airport after he got stuck in the main landing gear door of an aircraft he was working on. The technician, Rohit Pandey, lost his life in the accident that occurred around 1 am.

“The technician was carrying out maintenance work on the landing gear of a Bombardier Q400 plane belonging to SpiceJet, when the landing door accidentally got closed and he got stuck,” a senior airport official told.Details of how the door accidentally shut is being examined and an investigation is being carried out.

The landing gear door of an aircraft is a mechanism which is supposed to cover the landing gear during a flight. It comprises of three parts – a hydraulic opening system, a gravitational opening system, and a hydraulic closing system.

The aim of the landing gear door is to guarantee both protection of the landing gear, while also maintaining the aerodynamic shape of the aircraft. These doors are located below the aircraft and ensure that the minimum area opens while the landing gear extends out for the aircraft to land safely.

Last week, following a surprise surveillance, DGCA issued four show-cause notices to SpiceJet on poor training standards.

A statement from SpiceJet is awaited.

Oman Air flight makes emergency landing in Mumbai

Mumbai: An Oman Air Mumbai-Muscat flight, with over 200 people on board, safely made an emergency landing at Mumbai Airport on Wednesday evening following an engine failure shortly after take-off, official sources said.

Flight WY204, which had taken off around 4.15 pm, was barely airborne for 10 minutes when one of its engines failed, forcing it to return.

A full emergency was declared at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport as the flight returned and landed safely on a single engine around 4.50 pm.

SpiceJet flight from Pune veers off runway at Kolkata airport after landing

A SpiceJet aircraft from Pune veered off towards right from the runway centre line at the Kolkata Airport, owing to wet runway and a heavy rainfall during landing, on Tuesday, the airline spokesperson said. The spokesperson added that four runway edge lights were inadvertently damaged in the incident, but all passengers and crew safe.

“SpiceJet Boeing 737 800 aircraft, flight SG-275 on Pune-Kolkata route veered off towards right from the runway center line, owing to wet runway & heavy rain during landing. 4 runway edge lights were inadvertently damaged. All passengers & crew safe,” the SpiceJet spokesperson.

Amid multiple such incidents, aviation watchdog DGCA has issued safety directions to the country’s airlines. It said in a circular that crew members should be well aware of aircraft limitations during adverse weather operations and airlines should carry out their own “risk assessment” before operating in such conditions.

Tailwind and wet runway with inadequate braking action were reported to be the reasons behind the incident, it said.  All passengers and crew are safe, and they deplaned using step ladder, it said.

SpiceJet Plane Overshoots Runway While Landing In Rain At Mumbai Airport

NEW DELHI/MUMBAI: A SpiceJet plane overshot the runway while landing in Mumbai airport amid heavy rain just before midnight on Monday, officials said. No one was injured in the incident, officials said.

The Boeing 737-800 plane came from Jaipur, officials said.

In photos taken by passengers, yellow oxygen masks could be seen dangling above the seats and passengers queuing up to exit from the SpiceJet flight SG 6237.

The main runway has been closed after the incident and a secondary one is being used for flight operations. Some international flights are likely to be diverted to other airports like Bengaluru and Ahmedabad, said officials.

“A Korean Air flight KE655 coming from Seoul to Mumbai has been diverted to Ahmedabad due to the incident and bad weather conditions,” news agency PTI quoted unnamed sources as saying. A Lufthansa flight LH756, coming from Frankfurt, and an Air India flight AI331, coming from Bangkok, had to be diverted to other airports, the sources said.

Flights are likely to be delayed due to the main runway’s closure.

“…SpiceJet Boeing 737-800 aircraft operated flight SG 6237 from Jaipur to Mumbai. There was heavy rain in Mumbai and the aircraft, after landing, overshot the runway. Passengers were deplaned normally. There was no injury to either the passengers or the crew,” a SpiceJet spokesperson said.

Mumbai received the highest rainfall in a decade over a two-day period since Sunday, affecting trains and flights, resulting in massive traffic jams and flooding homes in low-lying areas on Monday.

Air India flight veers off after landing at Mangaluru airport, all passengers deboarded safely

According to ANI, IX384 Air India Express flight veered off the taxiway at around 5:40 pm and got stuck in the grass at the airport.

An Air India flight from Dubai to Mangalore veered off the taxiway after landing at the Mangaluru airport on Sunday. According to ANI, IX384 Air India Express flight veered off the taxiway at around 5:40 pm and got stuck in the grass at the airport.

Air India Express spokesperson told that all passengers are safe and have been deboarded. The spokesperson added that Air India Express engineers are checking the aircraft and an internal investigation has been ordered. The spokesperson noted that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has been informed about the incident.

“All passengers are safe & the aircraft is being checked by Air India Express engineers. An internal investigation has been ordered, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has been informed about the incident,” Air India Express spokesperson told.

Air India released a statement saying that the aircraft missed approach at 1732 IST and there after in second attempt landed at Mangalore on RWY24 at 1742 IST . The AI statement added that aircraft entered katcha portion of strip while turning on taxiway due to high speed. The aircraft did not suffer any damage and Air India Express engineers are trying to tow the aircraft to apron for further inspection. The AI statement said that the aircraft location in the strip is being assessed for clearance from ILS & runway strip for resuming operations and the DGCA has given approval to clear the delayed departures.

Watch How IAF Pilot Survived Bird-hit in Miraculous Escape

The young pilot assessed the situation in seconds, jettisoned two additional fuel drop tanks and CBLS Pods as per Standard Operating Procedure and safely landed the aircraft.

New Delhi: An Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot yesterday narrowly escaped an accident, showing his professionalism and quick thinking, after the Jaguar aircraft encountered a flock of birds immediately after the take-off.

On Thursday morning, the Jaguar aircraft, loaded with two additional fuel drop tanks and Carrier Bomb Light Stores (CBLS) pods, took off from AFS Ambala for a training mission.

Immediately after the take-off, the aircraft encountered a flock of birds and the bird hit resulted in the failure of one of its engines.

Despite most serious emergencies staring in his face, the young pilot assessed the situation in seconds, jettisoned two additional fuel drop tanks and CBLS Pods as per Standard Operating Procedure and safely landed the aircraft.

The IAF tweeted the video from its official handle and said that the actions of the young pilot bear testimony to the highest professional standards of the IAF because of extensive operational training.

“The professionalism and quick thinking by the pilot not only saved a war waging asset but also the lives of many civilians in the area adjoining the airfield,” IAF said.

IAF Jaguar jet suffers bird hit, lands safely in Ambala

AMBALA: An Indian Air Force (IAF) Jaguar jet suffered a technical glitch after one of its engines failed following bird hit on Thursday morning. The pilot jettisoned fuel tanks of the aircraft and managed to land it back safely at Ambala Air Force Station base.

Small practice bombs jettisoned by the jet has also been recovered.

Initial reports elaborated on a loud explosion near the residential area and airforce base wall. Eyewitnesses also observed something falling from the aircraft. Billows of black smoke immediately spread around the area. Ambulance, fire brigade, and Air Force officers rushed to the scene. 

A search operation has been initiated in the residential areas by Air Force officials and local police.

Man tries to open IndiGo plane door mid-air, forces emergency landing

A Guwahati-bound IndiGo flight from Hyderabad was forced to make an emergency landing on Sunday at Bhubaneswar airport this morning after a “mentally-unstable” passenger created a mid-air ruckus, officials said.

Airport officials at the Biju Patnaik airport said soon after the IndiGo flight 6E 462 left Hyderabad at 4:50 am, a 20-year-old passenger named Irshad Ali started creating a ruckus.

“Ali attempted to open the aircraft door during flight, creating a mid-air scare. With the help of a few passengers and his co-passenger Abdul Karim, he was somehow restrained. The flight was then diverted to Bhubaneswar, where it landed at 6:10 am,” said airport director SC Hota.

The man was headed to Guwahati as his mother had passed away.

Ali, who reportedly owns an ice-cream parlor in Guwahati, was handed over to the police in Bhubaneswar and later sent to Capital Hospital for a check-up.

The flight took-off for Guwahati at 7:13 am.

Air India Pilot Allegedly Asks Crew Member To Wash Food Box, Then A Fight


  1. The heated exchange took place just before the take-off
  2. The fight reportedly delayed the flight by over an hour
  3.  Air India has de-rostered the pilot and a crew member

New Delhi : Air India has de-rostered the Captain and a crew member after they got into a bitter argument in front of the passengers on board a Bengaluru-Delhi flight on Monday.

The Captain had allegedly asked the crew member to wash his lunch box, leading to a heated exchange between them just before the flight was ready to take off. This reportedly delayed the flight by over an hour.

An Air India official confirmed the incident and said an investigation has already been launched. The airline has issued summons to the crew members for questioning.

The matter has been also been reported to the aviation regulator, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

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