The Society Membership will constitute of the Founding Life Members, Life Members, Corporate Members, Professional Members and Honorary Members.

Founder and Life Members

Membership of ASMSI under this category will be for Life Time. The ASMSI will invite individuals who have been associated with aviation in any capacity and/ or who wish to contribute to the safety of Aviation in the country, to become members of the Society. Members of public can also volunteer to become members of the Society and their application will be considered on merit by the Society. First 100 Members of the ASMSI will be called Founder Members. Membership from 101 number onward will be called Life Members.

Corporate Members

ASMSI will invite Corporates to become members of the Society which will be for a duration extending from one year to Life Time.

Professional  Members.

ASMSI will invite Aviation Professionals who are willing to contribute towards achievement of the objectives of ASMSI.

Honorary Members

In order to honor some eminent individuals who have made significant contribution to Aviation and Safety, ASMSI will invite such individuals and confer them the title of Honorary members of ASMSI.

Affiliate Members.

 ASMSI will invite Aviation and Safety related Societies and eminent organizations in India and abroad to become Affiliate Members of the Society and can offer Affiliate Membership to such organizations after mutual consent.

Rights and Privileges- ASMSI Members

The ASMSI Members will be entitled to:-

  • Vote during elections to the Governing Board, Annual General Meetings and be part of the Governing Board Members ( Only Founder and Life Members).
  • Be invited to all the Seminars, Workshops, Presentations, Lectures and functions conducted by ASMSI (Only Founder and Life Members).
  • Remunerations for the full time as well as part time work related to the objectives and development of the Society (Any Member with preference given to Founder and Life Members).
  • Receive copy of E- weekly (All Members)and hard bound Copy of Quarterly Aviation Safety India magazine free of cost at the addresses given (Only Founder and Life Members).
  • Use the Title “MASMSI” i.e. Member Aviation Safety Management Society of India.


  • Founder Members- Rs 7500/-
  • Life Members- Rs 5000/-
  • Corporate Members –   Rs 75000/ -year, Rs 15000/- three years.
  • Professional Members –   Rs 2500/-for Life Time.
  • Honorary Members –  Nil.

Membership FormClick here for download  

Membership Form


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